Mystery Drone Suspends Silver Dollar Fire Fighting from Air
Fighting the Silver Dollar Fire on and near the Hanford site from the air was abruptly halted after a drone was spotted near the fire line.
Three helicopters involved in fighting the fire were immediately grounded because unauthorized drones in any airspace are dangerous...
Cloudy Headlights? Watch Me Do This…Totally Works.
I think you can dis-regard my previous review on fixing cloudy or hazy headlights. It did work great, but I've had to re-do it 3 times in the last 2 years. And that required a drill and some serious sanding. I'm pretty sure this will last way, way longer...
Tri Cities Spectacular Hydro-Plane Boat Crashes [VIDEO]
Boat Races are coming back July 28th - July 30th courtesy of The Water Follies and it will be a spectacular weekend of awesome races but one of the reasons spectators love the races are the crashes.
We've compiled some sweet (or not so sweet) hydroplane crashes from The Columbia Cup over the yea…
Pasco Police Looking For These Car Prowlers [VIDEO]
Look at the video closely. Pasco police are looking for these two suspects.
Pasco police urge you to call the non-emergency phone number (509) 545-3510 if you have any information about these individuals. Also, PLEASE take your valuables inside and lock your vehicles, every time...
Ex-TV Anchor Wants Dan Newhouse’s Seat in Congress
Tri-Cities and Yakima TV viewers of NBC programming have no doubt seen Christine Brown anchoring the news and managing the news for close to 30 years in both markets.
After leaving her position due to company restructuring, she tried her voice on talk radio,  hosting a noon call-in show about lo…
Granger Hop-Farm Crew Is Best in the World!
I wish I could explain to you how to tie a double half-hitch with one hand...and while wearing gloves, but you'll just have to see if for yourself! These guys really are the best in the world at what they do!
Woman Throws Herself in Front of Speeding Car to Save Child
A Connecticut woman is credited with shoving a child just enough to take the brunt of an out-of-control car. Amazingly the woman and child she pushed survived.
Shanta Jordan is being credited for absorbing most of the impact and saving the young boy's life

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