Football Voice Makes Harvey Weinstein Joke and Apologizes?
On Sunday Night Football, Al Michaels made a joke referencing the NY Giants and accused Hollywood sexual deviant Harvey Weinstein. I thought it was damn funny. After some negative social media comments, he apologized. Can't anybody make a joke anymore without offending someone...
Arby’s Serving 100% Deer Meat Sandwiches!
Last year, Arby's served venison sandwiches in just a handful of states popular for deer hunting. This year, every Arby's in every state will be rolling them out! But for one day only...Saturday, Oct. 21st!
Take a look:
Dallas Cowboys Coach Caught Cheating
An unidentified member of the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff was caught on video moving the first down marker forward with his foot in last Sunday's game against Green Bay. It's a short video...just keep your eye on the sidelines and the red marker...

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