Almost Super-Full Beaver Moon Will Shine Brighter Than Usual
Don't miss a rare celestial treat tonight. With the time change at 2:00 a.m. and the fall back to standard time, we get an extra hour to enjoy, with hopefully minimal cloud cover, the massive, almost super-full beaver moon tonight.
It will appear larger in the sky, completely full and just a day…
Washington State Breaks 3 All Time Daily Rain Total Records Saturday
We were expecting crazy amounts of rain this weekend on the coast, and they got it. There were at least 3 different cities that had new all time records for daily rainfall on the coast of Washington State. Seattle, Olympia, & Hoquiam all broke old records that were set in the 1960's.
Kennewick PD Reminds You Not to Leave Car Running Unattended
I know it's tempting you windshield is covered in ice and it is freezzzing outside so I think I'll just start my car go back inside finish my coffee and when I return my car with be thawed and ready....NOT SO is actually illegal to leave your vehicle running and unattended...with…

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