Seattle Breaks Own Record for… Days with NO Rain!
Seattle, the city known for raining all the time, as just broken its all time record for...days without rain.
The record was broken on Tuesday the 8th with 52 total days without rain. The previous record of 51 days was set back in 1951 according to news reports...
Eastern WA Has Worst Air in County Right Now, Say Experts
According to various sources, the air quality in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Northeast Oregon is among the worst in the entire U.S., due to smoke from those British Columbia fires and others. On the map, yellow is moderate, orange not very good, and red is 'put on a mask and stay indoor…
My Smokey Sunset Pics!
We all hate the smoke, but love the sunrise and sunset beauty it brings! These were taken last evening from my front porch in West Richland. (Taken without effects or filters on my cheap-o Cannon Power Shot that I really love!)

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