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Winco Shooter Claims Victim Was Part of ‘Plot’ to ‘Get Him’
After looking at information from court documents, it appears likely the Richland Winco Foods shooting suspect could be getting a psych evaluation.
Authorities say 45-year-old Mathew McQuin of Umatilla told police he shot the victim Monday because he thought she was following him and was going to spr…
Drug Suspect Jumps Off Clover Island to Evade Police-Fails
Kennewick police say a suspect who was wanted on multiple charges, including drug possession at the time of his arrest, had to be fished out of the river during the boat races Sunday afternoon.  He actually brought it on himself, however,
33-year-old Derick Young was pointed out to police when t…
Knowing Limitations Is Important, Even for Truckers
It proved to be more of an embarrassment for the driver probably and an inconvenience for drivers.
Tuesday afternoon, traffic on Monument Drive near Highway 124 near Walla Walla had to be re-routed due to a semi that got itself stuck...
Trespasser Tries to ‘ Box’ Police, Loses Badly
A man who was first contacted early Thursday by police who were checking on his welfare decided he needed to go all Mike Tyson with the officers.
23-year-old Jacob Coffman was contacted by police near West 3rd and South Auburn streets...

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