We're not even sure what to say on this one...

The Chinese Air Force is utilizing a small group of trained monkeys to help safeguard aircraft at selected military bases near Beijing.

According to theweek.com,   these monkeys have been trained to respond to certain types of whistle commands from their handlers.  The People's Liberation Army, as the Chinese military is often referred to,  has been working with the animals for some time now.

The Washington Post also reports they're not being equipped with AK-47's just yet.   The monkeys are used to clean out bird nests that are often found in the air intakes of jet aircraft.  Apparently the Red Air Force has had a problem over the years with migrating birds that build nests and lay eggs inside these engine cowlings, often unseen to human eyes.   When sucked into a jet turbine, they can often cause damage and engine failure.

Chinese state run media showed the monkeys impressively responding to commands to remove the nests, scamper up trees and otherwise scare off the birds.   No word is they are going to be fitted with their own little Chairman Mao jackets or hats, or if they will eventually be allowed to use guns.

But the whole premise of primates being used to guard an airbase does give you the feeling that you should be afraid...very afraid!