Workers at a Chrysler plant in Michigan have been reportedly caught on video drinking and smoking during their lunch hour breaks,  just ten months after another expose caught workers at another plant doing the same near Detroit.

MyFox Detroit aired an expose ten months ago about how workers were boozing it up and smoking during lunches at the Chrysler Jefferson North Plant near Detroit.  This week, a second report has uncovered more of the same at the Chrysler Trenton Engine Plant in Trenton MI.  This latest video shows workers consuming and smoking roughly a mile from the plant, but just a few steps from a United Auto Workers Union Hall. Two workers who spoke with said they don't want to work with employees who participate in those activities, saying it's not only offensive but dangerous.  Not to mention the ugly PR situation this has created for Chrysler, one of the auto makers bailed out by the Obama Administration.  It also sheds a poor light on the conduct of the United Auto Workers Union, as well as union workers in the industry in general.  No word on if Chrysler will be undergoing any quality and safety checks on the engines assembled at the plant, as concerns about possible defects have been raised by safety experts. They fear car parts assembled by intoxicated workers could be defective.