While the nation struggles to comprehend the senseless brutal murder of the Connecticut schoolchildren,  officials still seek answers in Portland shopping center murders.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said Friday they still don't know the exact motive for why  22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts (no relation to the sheriff) entered the mall armed with a stolen AR-15 automatic rifle and fatally shot two people. 45 year old Steven Mathew Forsyth of West Linn OR, and 54 year old Cindy Ann Yuille of Northeast Portland died in the attack.  A 15 year old teenager survived being shot and is recovering.

Sheriff Roberts said Friday:

"the shooter acted alone and went into the mall with the intent to shoot "anyone in his line of sight, on a mission set forth to take the lives of people in that mall."

 Everything learned so far about shooter Roberts indicates people who knew him or knew of him were surprised by the attack.   He had no prior criminal record,  and people who came in contact with him at his most recent job described him as "a nice guy."