(Citizen Brick website)

Millions are glued to the riveting AMC television show Breaking Bad.  Now, you can buy a Lego meth lab inspired by the show!

The show, which has been around since 2008 but just recently exploded onto the television mainstream in the last couple of years, depicts the story of a New Mexico chemistry teacher who is battling inoperable lung cancer.  To provide a financial future for his family after he dies, he builds a meth lab in hopes of pulling in huge amounts of drug money.

Now, a toy company has taken it a step further.  Citizen Brick buys Lego sets, and creates custom sets based upon a wide variety of TV shows, movies and other socially popular themes.   Citizen Brick is in no way affiliated with the actual Danish toymaker Lego, but this controversial item still has parents up in arms.

For $250, you can buy the 500-piece set, which depicts two of the show's leading characters, complete with HazMat suits worn in and around the meth lab.  Citizen Brick has also created Lego sets with themes that depict pot growers, zombies and S&M!

At least for now, though, the Breaking Bad set will be hard to come by.  It's currently sold out.   So far there's been no official response for or against by the Danish toymaker, Lego.