After a furious, red hot wave of criticism over the last year or so, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting issue has been quiet this fall, but not for the Obama budget makers.

Tucked into the 2012 Budget signed by President Obama is  445 million for the Corporation for Public Boradcasting, the umbrella under which National Public Radio, and Public TV operate.  There were numerous calls from many political leaders that the US Government should stop subsidizing a broadcasting arm that, in their opinion, fed listeners and viewers left-leaning often pro-Obama rhetoric.  Perhaps some of the storm of controversey had an impact,  while the national arm of NPR still faces funding issues, most of the 445 million goes to local PBS and NPR stations.  From Inside Radio 12-20-11:

 Inside Radio News Ticker…CPB funding preserved…The fiscal 2012 budget signed into law Saturday by President Obama had some good news from public radio and television. The budget includes $445 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Another $27.2 million was earmarked for public television programming and services for kids. While NPR has faced funding controversies, most CPB funding goes to local stations