A painting showing Obama standing on the constitution surrounded by the other 43 presidents, some of whom are beggin him to stop, has resurfaced.

Originally first seen in 2010, the painting by politically charged artist Jon McNaughton, has resurfaced again, and is causing quite a stir.  The painting, called the Forgotten Man, shows a young but downtrodden man sitting, head down, on a park bench.  He is surrounded by scraps of money and paper on the ground,  while next to him, ignoring the man, is Obama.  He is standing with one foot on the Constitution, arms folded, staring into space.  Next to Obama is James Madison, arms held out as if begging him to stop.   Many of the other 43 Presidents depicted are scowling or looking at Obama. McNaughton, when he first released the painting, did a You Tube video showing him painting the work.  He wants to get people talking, and he certainly has.