Kennewick police apprehended a 52-year-old registered sex offender after he allegedly made sexually threatening statements to an elderly woman this week.

The victim told police she did not know the man, and police launched an investigation.  Utilizing Charter and Sprint phone records, police traced the calls to Michael Chafin, who was living at 2114 S. Rainier Street.

He admitted to police he made the calls, and was arrested for Telephone Harrasment.  Chafin is a Level 3 registered sex offender, according to Washington state criteria, which is considered a threat to reoffend.

While numerous citizens often voice their opposition to registered sex offenders living with the general community, especially when they are near their neighborhood, there is little law enforcement can do.

Officials say if the offender has completed their sentence, and fully complied with all the terms of their treatment programs and other court-mandated criteria, they legally have to be released. Some offenders are found to be too dangerous to be in the community, Washington state has several hundred sex offenders permanently housed in special facilities.

But all officers can do with most registered offenders is keep and eye on them through various monitoring programs in our communities, and those across the country.

Pictured below is Chafin. (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)