The "Big Three" Experiment will have to wait for another year...The Dallas Mavericks, playing old school basketball with only one true superstar, dumped the Miami Heat 105-95 Sunday night to win the NBA title.

Despite a dismal shooting performance from series MVP Dirk Nowtzski, his teammates stepped up and delivered until Dirk caught fire (again) in the fourth quarter.  Jason Terry delivered numerous three point shots, as did Jason Kidd to thwart every Heat rally, and after losing the title to the heat in 2006, Dallas has the title.  Kidd, who lost in the finals twice before with two different teams, finally has his ring after 17 years.  Sean Marion, a key role player, got his after spending a few years in Phoenix during their "big experiment" several seasons ago.  LaBron James all but disappeared during the finals, especially in the fourth quarter, and failed to deliver tight enough defense on Terry to stop his key 3 pointers.   The Heat will now look ahead to next season, while Dallas prepares it's first ever championship parade for it's NBA team.