The Kennewick Police Department has issued an alert for a Level 3 sex offender moving into a neighborhood on West 46th.

31-year-old Damon Cedric Hendricks is currently listed as residing in a home in the 2800 block of West 46th. Avenue in Kennewick. He is a Level 3 offender with 2006 and 2011 convictions in Umatilla County, Oregon. He also has multiple non-sexual related criminal convictions and is on probation in the federal system.

According to data from various counties in Washington, Level 3 offenders are considered a risk to the public and likely to re-offend. Kennewick police said unless a sex offender is under court-ordered restrictions, they are constitutionally free to live where they choose.  Registered offenders must inform local law enforcement of changes in residence, city or other information that could affect the community.

To assist the community with information about where sex offenders are located and other related information, the public is invited to attend meetings held the second Wednesday of every month at the Kennewick police station at 211 West 6th Avenue at 6 p.m. For more information contact the department at 582-1352.