So how have top Democratic leaders reacted to the Obamacare ruling?  By posting obscene and racist tweets towards the GOP on Twitter.

The website Twitchy is reporting, and has published tweets from DNC staffers including the executive director of the Democratic National Convention, Patrick Gaspard.  These include referring to GOP leaders and opponents of  Obamacare as "the plural word for female dogs";  others were quoted as saying "take that (mother - plus slang word for copulation)."   Classy, huh?   The 'copulation' remark was courtesy of Greg Greene, who is the new media director for the DNC.

    Numerous other examples of classless gloating were found all over the web.   Reinforces the idea that those who oppose Obama, Obamacare, and other programs are not just disagreed with, they are ridiculed with obscenities.   Nice, huh?