"Tebow will play elsewhere..."  that quote from Denver CBS4 Reporter Gary Miller sent shock waves through Denver and the NFL today. 

While nothing is certainly decided,  Peyton Manning flew to Denver today (Friday) to meet  with Bronco officials, and according to Miller, Denver is one of the top 5 teams, if not the top franchise, that Manning  is considering signing with.   He is an unrestricted free agent, since being cut by the Colts, he can sign with any team he wants.

 Previously, odds were leaning towards such teams as the Jets, Redskins, possibly Cardinals, and Seahawks.  But the Broncos are the first team he has publicly met with. While Miller, quoting inside sources, says Manning will visit Arizona, the Broncos are "all in" about making him their next QB, and that would mean the end of "Tebow Mania" in Denver.  Miller says if the Broncos are successful in landing Manning, Tebow would be traded.