According to new information obtained by writers and historians, evidence has come to light that suggests Butch Cassidy of The Infamous Sundance Gang not only survived but lived to old age in Spokane.

Utah book collector  Brent Ashworth has obtained a 200 page manuscript entitled "Bandid Invincible-The Story of Butch Cassidy" that contains details he claims only Cassidy or very close relatives would have known.  The manuscript dates back to 1934, and suggests that instead of dying in a shootout with police in Bolivia in 1908,  he survived, moved to Spokane under the assumed name of William T. Phillips, who died in 1937. According to new research-including details in the book, Cassidy (Phillips) returned to rural Wyoming in 1934 to search for some of the Sundance Gang's buried treasure.  Some historians dispute the theory, but numerous older citizens and families believe it was Cassidy who returned to Wyoming, meaning he survived.  His life and times were immortalized by the famous movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.