Another reason to like this guy, besides his terrific and hysterical show, Dirty Jobs.

Who knew?  Mike Rowe, star of the smash TV series Dirty Jobs, is a smart, common-sense fellow who doesn't play the political game, but because of his stand on numerous issues, is perceived as conservative.

He recently came under fire from liberals and progressives for making an appearance on the Glenn Beck Program,  heard weekdays at 6a.m. here on Newstalk 870.    One follower blasted Rowe with the following:

 "How could you associate with such a horrible, psychotic person as Glenn Beck...?"

Mike replied in a fashion that is brilliant, funny, and once you read it, you will clearly see his personality coming through.   Without stooping to this woman's level,  he essentially destroyed her entire argument.

To see his Facebook page and read the classic response, click on the button below.