American Screening Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of drug-testing and related medical products, recently sent us -- unsolicited -- an ad for a new state-of-the-art Reveal DNA Paternity Test.

Apparently, for just under $24, you can accurately and quickly determine who the parents of a child are. The ad boasts 100% accuracy, and two day results. There is a $125 lab fee required that goes with it, but that's not really our point here.

Think back 20 years ago. We just didn't see this kind of thing publicly advertised. Does that mean it's bad? No. Perhaps this kind of testing has been needed for years, given the often deviancy of human nature. It just struck us as a little sad that in this day and age the issue of who a child's father is could be so in question.

Such tests are invaluable in certain cases, especially messy divorces involving infidelity, etc. But for a moment, put yourselves in the mind of a child, especially one who is old enough to at least understand the idea they have a mother and father.

Now imagine what's going through this child's head when perhaps they find out what they've believed for years isn't true. Someone you thought was a father, or mother, really isn't. That realization could certainly bring their whole world crashing down. The sad part of this is that society has downgraded to the point morally that we need to mass-market DNA paternity kits to make sure who our parents are.

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