Apparently the Bernie Sanders effect has successfully permeated the DNC. At their national convention, they've broken new ground as the first ever political party to include legalized pot as part of their platform.

Tuesday at the Democratic national convention, the party approved a pathway that they say will eventually lead to the national legalization of recreational marijuana.

The plan calls for letting states serve as "laboratories of democracy" when it comes to the regulation of weed.

Now, a growing number of states have already legalized pot, including WA and Colorado. But if this plan were to be implemented it would eventually lead to removing marijuana from the Federal drugs no-no list.

Supporters say the first step would be removing it from the Level 1 list of Federally banned drugs, which includes LSD, Heroin and others. According to Democrats at the convention, the vast majority of Americans favor legal pot.

There are some dissenting voices at the convention, but the fact that the party won't discuss terrorism and ISIS, but can spend a lot of time worrying about pot shows where their priorities are.

But it would be funny to see Hilary after she'd smoked a few joints.  Just sayin'.