Halloween is upon us! Are you going to enjoy it as much as in the past?

It seems Halloween, like Christmas and other holidays, has increasingly become more commercial. We know sometimes it's all about the best costume or party and having fun.   But as a child, we at Newstalk 870 remember when the whole neighborhood seemed to have more fun with it.

We'd see who could come up with the best, funniest pumpkins, put up scarecrows in the yard, and even keep an eye out on each others' homes just to make sure all was well.  Vandalism was rare, and children told their friends who smashed pumpkins or Halloween displays, "You're a loser."

Our lives have gotten faster too. There are now so many parties, so many places to publicly trick or treat. Now there is a rush to buy the costume, and finally, making sure we set aside enough time to take the kids out trick or treating. With that in mind, we want to know: Do you still enjoy trick-or-treating as much as you used to? Take our poll: