Despite its rich agricultural history and world-famous horticultural programs, WSU won't be helping you grow dope anytime soon!

After the legalization of recreational marijuana, a flood of inquiries was directed at WSU asking if the agricultural department was going to include any courses or information on how to grow marijuana.

Because the drug is still illegal at the federal level, WSU officials put those hopes up in smoke. WSU master gardeners have said no. Any and all WSU employees or sub-contract employees that have anything to do with agriculture or horticulture will not assist you in "indoor gardening."

Apparently the drug is not an easy plant to grow. It requires significant care and attention.

Despite the clear language in the bill that legalized marijuana, a number of users still think the drug can be grown, harvested and sold by anyone. In truth, everything is strictly supervised under state guidelines -- anyone who tries to grow their own will be prosecuted.

You can possess an ounce or less, but that's it.