So, is your job fun?  Do you like it? 

While no one can seem to find the origin or creator of the day, it is celebrated on many lists for April 3rd and numerous bloggers talk of it across the US.   Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day, which we will abbreviate to DGTWUFD (because that's fun!)  celebrates the need for your job to be at least somewhat enjoyable.

  We've all had stinkers for jobs--in fact--our previous radio gig 7 years ago was miserable!   Some might consider a desk job to be unenjoyable; others prefer to be indoors rather than say, pounding nails outside in the rain.    At Newstalk 870, we believe that unless you are a crash test dummy,  your job it what you make it.   Take our poll below.  Is your job really fun? (and then go to work only if it's fun!)