I bet you've had something like this happen in your yard when Mother Nature gets all puffed up!

We love living in the Tri-Cities, and Mid-Columbia because for the most part, our weather is not THAT bad!  Nice hot summers, occasionally some snow for Christmas, and pretty good.  But our bugaboo weatherwise is the wind.

Our Facebook friend Jim sent us this picture of a canopy that is now going to be retired after our latest wind adventure.  Do you have any pictures of what the wind has done to your home, yard, or 'stuff?'   You can post it on Facebook, or share it by emailing us here.

I bet the folks at Walmart, Fred Meyer, Lowes, Home Depot etc love the wind, because they know we will be back in the future to buy another canopy, awning or umbrella because the last one got turned into a kite!  The worst part is,  many of them could be fixed, but it would take so long, and it's sooooo frustrating,  it's just easier to go buy a new one!