We continue to transform a horrible living room and hallway carpet into a liveable, healthy floor again!

In our first video with Zerorez, we saw just how dingy and dirty the carpet was.  Stains,  pet hair, dirt and more.

Zerorez does a lot to the carpet BEFORE they even use their soapless cleaning systerm.    The Brush Pro is a patented bristle machine that gently 'restores the nap'  or fullness of the fibers by fluffing and cleaning them.    You don't realize what's lurking in there until the Brush Pro goes over the carpet.

After pre-spraying with an organic, non-toxic natural spray that goes to work on stains,  Zerorez goes over the entire rug with the Brush Pro.   Watch the video and see the amazing piles of gunk we got from this rug!   Yikes!  Can YOUR carpet cleaner or vacuum do that?   No, it can't!

We're almost ready to make stains disappear before your eyes...!   If you want YOUR carpet to be normal again,  check out Zerorez at 582-9000, like them on Facebook, and take advantage of their August special,  just $99 for three rooms.   I know you will be happy.