Seattle area residents were a little surprised to see a man pushing a shopping cart through their neighborhood.  But what was inside it shocked them!

Police are still trying to put the pieces together from a bizarre incident Thursday in Seattle's Rainier Valley neighborhood.

Witnesses told police they saw a man who was either drunk or high on drugs pushing a grocery cart through their neighborhood.  His weird, stumbling behavior got their attention.   He mumbled something to several people about heading to the laundromat to wash some clothes.

When more neighbors approached and asked the man what he was doing, he reportedly stumbled away from the cart, headed down the street and disappeared.   Flies were buzzing around the cart, which was full of debris. Then the neighbors noticed a man's legs sticking out from under the pile, and called police.

The body was that of an adult male.  The man pushing the cart was described as younger, wearing black pants, blue jacket and a hat.    Police have not identified the dead man, but there are reports he had multiple stab wounds on his body.

The investigation continues.