Might have been a little hard to see...!

Early Thursday Kennewick police arrested an intoxicated motorist after he was involved in a hit-and-run near 27th and Olympia Streets.  Around 6:30 p.m.  Richard Van Heel of Kennewick was headed South on Olympia when he slowed to turn into the Yokes' parking lot.

His car was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Christopher Heckman (age and address not reported).  Van Heel stopped in the parking lot and got out of his car, but Heckman didn't stop, sped across the parking lot and headed South on Olympia at a high reate of speed, with the hood up!

Then shortly after midnight Thursday morning,  police responding to an unrelated call saw the suspect vehicle near 27th and Olympia.  Heckman's can was smoking and the hood was still up!

Police found a logical explanation for his behavior,  he was extremely intoxicated.  He was booked into the Benton County jail for DUI,  Hit-And-Run, and possible other charges.