Before Westerners start snickering about the East Coast 'over-reacting' to the recent quake centered in Virginia, consider some significant long-term issues that could come from the 5.8 tremor.

According to  NBC Washington D.C., a crack was found in the one of the upper stones in the Washington Monument by a survey crew. While measuring only four inches, crews do not know how deep into the large block it reaches, and a crack on the outside can often mean internal ones as well.  Plus, engineers say a crack, once started, often spreads.  They liken it to discovering a crack in a dam.  While the monument does of course, not hold back water, the tall thin structure depends upon integrity of it's huge blocks.  Crews also were inspecting the National Cathedral, which appears to have possibly sustained more impact.  Stones fell off the structure during the quake, and the central spire atop one of the towers appears to be leaning slightly.  Further study is being done.  Officials are taking extreme precautions because most of Washington D.C.'s significant structures-The Washington Monument, the National Cathedral, Lincoln Memorial etc, are huge tourist attractions, and they don't want anyone injured down the road by pieces falling off the structures due to cracking.