Jim McCullar of Ephrata, WA claimed the second-largest lottery jackpot in history on Thursday. At a 30 minute press conference on Thursday, Jim McCullar of Ephrata claimed his Mega Millions winnings of $190 Million Dollars. He took the time to tell a very descriptive and entertaining and, as he described "spooky" story about how they chose that winning 7 number combination. McCullar also plugged a few friends and products with mentions, including Glenn Beck.

Currently the other winning ticket, purchased in Post Falls, Idaho, is still to be turned in. What's the first thing you would do if you won Mega Millions? Jim made a quick decision...

At a news conference in Washington's capital city, the McCullars took hold of the oversized check, marveling at all the zeros in $190 million. Jim McCullar, 68, then promptly handed it over to his wife, 63.

Source KXLY.com