We've seen some great corn mazes in the Mid Columbia, and who hasn't lost their way in one. But THIS story takes it all...maybe it was too complicated!

Police in Danvers, Massachusetts report a couple with a young child, and a baby, got so lost in a 7 acre corn maze, they called 911 to request police assistance!  The Connors Farm Corn Maze in Danvers, 23 miles north of Boston, is a popular Halloween time destination, and it's a large maze, covering 7 acres.  Late Monday afternoon, the couple, with a small child and baby, entered the maze, but as it grew dark, and mosquitos began to be an issue, they became disoriented and panicked, calling 911.  Ironically, the Danvers police department's slogan to the community is "we like to be bothered,"  it's part of their community awareness program to encourage people to seek their assistance even if they aren't sure it's required.   The couple "bothered" the department.  An officer and the owner entered the maze (he obviously knew the way) and discovered the couple was 25 feet from the exit when they called!  You might feel badly for the couple considering they had a small child and a baby, but before you do, consider this:  corn mazes are not for the faint of heart, not supposed to be easy, so what were they thinking taking the little ones in there in the first place? Fortunately, the story ended well, with nobody hurt, just a little rattled.  No word if the couple demanded a refund from Connors Farm.  A spokesperson for the company that markets the maze for the Connor family said they have never heard, from ANY maze across America, of someone calling 911 because they were lost.