Richland police are still wrapping up the investigation into an altercation that occurred Saturday night at Kimo's Sports Bar in Richland at Columbia Center North.

Authorities said around 8pm several people watching the men's NCAA Basketball tournament got into an altercation over rooting for two different teams.

Richland police said 34-year-old Morgan M. Laws, of Prosser, refused to leave the patrons at a nearby table alone, despite being asked to do so. She launched into an explicative-laden tirade at the customers, telling them they didn't know who they were dealing with, and her "boyfriend will mess you up."

A short time later, after Laws and her boyfriend, 43-year-old Scott R. Duncan of Cheney, had left the bar, Duncan returned carrying a towel wrapped around a black, semi-automatic handgun. He then pressed it against the neck of one of the patrons at the other table, and threatened to kill them. After a short struggle over the gun, Duncan fled the bar.

He and Laws were later found after they were followed by the victim, who also called 911. Richland police found a vehicle matching the description, and Duncan and Laws were arrested on Comstock Street in Richland.

Duncan was taken into custody, and is facing a 2nd. degree assault charge, Laws claimed to be having an anxiety attack and was taken to Kadlec Regional Medical Center. A search warrant on his vehicle revealed numerous types of ammunition and pistol and rifle clips, but no gun. Police later found a black Glock 40mm pistol in a holster lying on the shoulder of the road near the Columbia Point Golf Course.

Officials indicated Laws would likely be charged with Harassment, but did not indicate if she was, due to her examination at Kadlec.