According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 3/4 of a million more women are unemployed now than when Obama took office in 2008.

This telling statistic, critics say,  could wind up being important when it comes to the November election because younger, working career women tended to strongly support 'Hope and Change' in 2008.   Women make up a significant amount of our national workforce.  This Federal Agency considers women who are not in the military, in a mental institution or nursing home or otherwise 'incapacitated and unable to work' as the total available workforce in the US.  

  The total number of women who 'participate' in the workforce, or have some sort of job, is at it's lowest rate since 1993, at 57.6 percent.  The highest percentage of women in the workforce in recent history was in 2000, when just over 60% of women who were considered part of the workforce had a job.   The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has been tracking women's employment since  1948.

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