Now, before you gasp, consider her remark was in reference to an appearance on TV.

But it again illustrates the arrogance of the Obama White House.   Michelle Obama recently made (in January) a cameo appearance on the popular tv show I-Carly.  She played herself, and was on the show for the purpose of getting the main character, I-Carly, off the hook after she was mistakenly put on the FBI's most wanted list.  

  But she assumes people like the Obamas.  She assumes people approve of the manner in which they conduct themselves towards the nation.  She forgets that 49 plus percent of Americans did not vote for them.   See the video here from the Washington Examiner.   She was implying that because she was on the popular show, she was now more popular than Barrack...again, assuming pre-teens and kiddies like her.  She went as far as to say her appearance made her a fan favorite in every household...hmmm.