At an expensive campaign fundraising stop in Cincinnati Friday Michelle Obama issued some of her strongest language yet about the wealth, echoing a theme the President has been uttering for several years.

While gladly taking the money from about 300 campaign supporters, raking in thousands to support Obama's re-election Michelle Obama told the crowd:

"If any family in this country is struggling, we can not be satisfied with our own families’ good fortune."

Keep in mind she was speaking to a crowd 'wealthy' enough to afford the tickets to the event, which ranged between $300 and $10,000.   She questioned how well-off families can feel good about themselves when others are struggling.  She said change is slow, but we will get there.  No mention was made of how much the Obama's have donated of the millions the President made off his books has been "redistributed" to those less fortunate.   Nor was any mention made of the 16 vacations and getaways the Obama family has taken since he took office that have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation, security and other costs.