Colfax is often referred to as the "speed trap" just outside Pullman. They're wishing for traps now that they've got flying ants!

Residents of this town of about 2,000 some 17 miles from Pullman are reporting dozens of sightings of swarms of "flying ants" covering windows, settling on golf courses and causing a general nuisance.

Washington State University bug specialists say they are flying carpenter ants and are not typical for the Palouse region. They believe they may have been blown in by recent windy weather. Now is apparently the bugs' mating season!

They seem to cluster anywhere with wood, bark, or a combination of the two. The scientists say the ants are trying to settle colonies. One woman sprayed down her house and then applied numerous cans of insecticide to get them to stay away.

No word was given by the scientists if this will be a long-term problem The ants don't bite, but are much larger than regular ants, fly, and can be very annoying.