It's been many months since the tense, bitter battle over food labeling was settled by voters, but the Public Disclosure Commission is now fining supporters of the measure.

You couldn't turn on the TV or hear the radio without hearing the ads in favor or against adding additional labeling to the products we buy in stores. But now, the Yes on I-522 campaign is facing a $4,000 fine by the state Public Disclosure Commission for failing to reveal they received contributions from groups that were not reported.

According to NW Cable News:

"The state Public Disclosure Commission imposed the penalty on the Yes on I-522 Committee for failure to disclose nearly $118,000 of in-kind contributions made by PCC Natural Markets, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps."

I-522 supporters and officials said the error was due to a clerical issue, and was not deliberate.   I-522, which would have placed numerous additional food labeling standards concerning genetically-modified foods was rejected by voters.

Election laws require full public disclosure and registration of any and all campaign contributions and funds raised.