Long snapping may not be the sexiest part of football, but one collegiate player is proving how cool it can be.

In this video, Lawrence University long snapper John Doran shows off amazing marksmanship skills by snapping the ball on target all over campus.

We hope the team's punter appreciates Doran's abilities. We also hope everyone appreciates the choice of using music from the original 'Karate Kid.'   It may seem funny, but guys like Doran can make at least the NFL minimum salary just by airmailing the ball to the punter or holder for PAT's and field goals.   It's not just accuracy, though,  you need to get the ball back 13-15 yards in about .7 seconds.

Trey Junkin (some of you older Seahawk fans may remember him) spent nearly two decades in the NFL, largely because of his long-snapping ability.  He played tight end, but was a part of the Raiders and Seahawks because of this rare talent.

My son Dhylan has followed in dad's footsteps by learning the craft.   In three years of Grid Kid football, he's never muffed one - ever! He's as good as most high school freshmen or sophomores.   This is one of those "either you can, or can't" skills.   But it's the job most players don't want and if you can do it,  instant playing time.

Everyone takes for granted the long snapper...that is, until somebody airmails the ball over the punter's head, or is offline with a game-winning field goal.  THEN they notice.