Leave it to the Feds to unintentionally make us roll with laughter, or recoil with anger.

Today in Washington D.C. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood rolled up to a press conference to unveil the Fed's new Fuel Economy stickers, riding in a 12 mpg SUV.  Now, nothing wrong with driving an SUV, but this story has a bit of a French Revolution theme to it:  instead of let them eat cake, let them drive it.  Lahood's comment:  "we're not just sitting around waiting for high gasoline prices to come down..."  as if a sticker is going to drop our prices at the pump!   According to the Feds, the old system is outdated and new generations of cars call for new stickers.   Automakers had strongly opposed an alphabetical system (A, B, C, etc) because they feared negative consumer reaction-the same way one reacts to A's vs F's in school grading.  So the next time you're car shopping, look for one of these, take it to the pump, and feel better about the high price of gas knowing the Feds are on it...with a new sticker.