According to,  prices dropped about 8 cents last week in Washington,  but because it was 1 or 2 cents a day,  you might not have noticed.

Also, according to some of the latest data,  the Tri-Cities average only went from around $4.15 to about $4.11 a gallon.  And it stil rankles Tri-Citians that Spokane gas prices are now at $3.94 a gallon, nearly .15 cents cheaper than us.

  Experts attribute the drop to the reopening of the Cherry Point Refinery that has been closed since a fire broke out in February.  It is the largest supplier of gas to the Pacific Northwest, and the largest supplier of jet fuel to the military.   Senator Maria Cantwell wants an investigation into why prices are so high, completely missing the fact that if Congress and the White House would unlock a number of  promising fuel sources around the nation for exploration, oil prices would plummet.

   It's a commonly known fact that stock market speculation (on the world markets too) helps drive up prices.  A flood of domestic oil and natural gas supplies would cause the prices to drop dramatically even before any of the oil is produced for commercial use.