According to analysts, gas prices could skyrocket as much as .35 per gallon over Memorial Weekend.

According to tracking service,  tight supplies are pushing up prices, that could temporarily hit as high as $4.59 a gallon.   The prices will come back down, but it could take longer than when they went up.

  However, on Wall St.  crude oil prices dropped over $1.95, reportedly a reaction to a slowing economy in Europe.   AAA is NOT  reporting the same information; their information shows that prices in WA and OR will rise only slightly, or remain steady through Monday.   Gasbuddy says wholesale prices, or what retailers pay to get their fuel, is higher than it has ever been in the Pacific Northwest.   Gasbuddy experts say the prices will eventually "resolve themselves",  but they think we are in for a spike.  AAA does not.   Apparently, we will watch the pumps, and wait.