Kennewick authorities say the report about a man allegedly groping a girl on her way to school was a ruse.

Kennewick police did not divulge any details as to why the 11-year-old girl made up the story, but say now it was false.

A week ago, media outlets, including Newstalk 870, ran the story about a man who allegedly attempted to molest the girl as she was walking on Vancouver st. Tuesday morning on her way to Park Middle School.    Authorities said they did their best to validate the crime before releasing the information, but late Monday reported the event was fabricated.

Sgt. Ken Lattin of the KPD said in the updated report:

"This story may be a perfect opportunity for parent to discuss with their child the dangers of making up this type of story."

Authorities did not say if the girl will be charged, even though she is a juvenile, with making a false report.   Often, depending upon the severity of the claims and the disruption caused, adults face serious charges for fabricating serious events.