Chevrolet announced a series of recalls after the steering wheel came off one of it's new Cruze vehicles.

An estimated 2,100 of the popular best selling new Chevy Models, the Cruze, were recalled after at least one incident was reported in March where a motorist went to turn the steering wheel, only to have it break loose and come completely off the steering column.  The Wall St. Journal reports while the number of recalled vehicles is small, it's a significant setback for Chevy.  The Cruze has been a bright spot for GM, selling over 50 thousand units . While that trails it's direct market competitor, the Toyota Carolla,  the Cruze is far outselling the Chevy Cobalt, another new post Obama offering.  Officials attribute the issue to a few hundred cars which has the wrong steering wheel installed. They were removed and replaced, but the new wheels were not properly attached.  For more information on the recall, 1-800-630-2438. GM stresses this is an isolated incident, and potentially only affects a small part of the Cruze's made.