They're hard to miss, but what are they?

KPIX-TV in San Francisco reported recently about a huge, mysterious structure on a barge near Treasure Island in the San Francisco bay.   It appeared to be a giant structure made out of shipping containers stacked on a barge.     Now, similar structures have been reported outside Portland, Maine, and off the Connecticut coast.

  It's a super secret Google project, say sources.  While the company is being very tight-lipped about it,  sources close to the projects say they believe Google is building giant floating structures to manufacture their new Google Glass project. From the KPIX website:

"Informed sources told KPIX 5 that Google wants to tow the Treasure Island barge from Treasure Island to a dock at Fort Mason in San Francisco’s Marina District, where it would open to the public as a Google Glass marketing center. Among other things, the center’s docking fees could be an important source of revenue to the cash-pressed park."

However, work on the barge stopped rather abruptly a few weeks ago.  Some sources say it could be because Google failed to obtain the necessary permits to tow the barge to the Marina District.    However, several sources close to the project claim the real issue is Google is having difficulty with it's Glass project.

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, mounted in the corner of a pair of eyeglasses.   It resembles a futuristic device often seen by soldiers in sci-fi movies.   It's a hands-free computer.

So, why build these floating structures, and not located them onshore?   We may never know!