The GOP and RCN (Republican National Committee) are using the the failure of yet another Obama 'pet project' from the Stimulus Program as ammunition against the President's new 400-billion dollar plus jobs program.

Solyndra, a California-based solar company, was toured in 2010 by Obama as he was touting his green jobs program, and the stimulus.  But the firm declared bankruptcy last month, laid of 1,100 workers without warning.  When news surfaced at Solyndra had taken a 500 million dollar Federal loan gurantee as part of the stimulus plan, the FBI got involved.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation has now issued search warrants and is going through the financial records of the company, looking for potential fraud, according to various sources.    Obama made Solyndra his "poster child" for the green jobs arm of the Stimulus; now it stands as a pending example of yet another Federal economic failure.