A variety of responses have come from his opponents about the giveaway.

Dider,  former Super Bowl winning Tight End with the Washington Redskins, and political candidate for State Senate and Lands Commissioner,  is giving away the guns to people who agree to submit names, zip codes, and email addresses to his campaign.  Officials with his campaign say the guns will be given away, obviously, to people of age who are legally allowed to possess a firearm.

The guns will be randomly given away, and is  just one of a number of gun giveaway promotions that have been utilized in conservative and Republican campaigns across the country, with great success.

Didier is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and has been quoted as saying that gun-free zones are actually an encouragement to criminals and others to commit shootings.   The guns will be given away after Didier reaches 10,000 likes on his Facebook page, or July 4th whichever comes first.   They are 2 Ruger pistols, and a DB-15 S rifle.

A variety of comments have been made by Didier's Congressional opponents.   Dan Newhouse, former State Agricultural Secretary said simply he's a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and gun rights, but didn't comment directly on the giveaway.  Democratic challenger Estakio Beltran of Yakima, who's gained the official endorsement of the party in several counties in the district said he's a supporter as well, but questioned the contest in light of recent national tragedies.

The most "criticism" has come from Kennewick Attorney George Cicotte, who's GOP campaign manager Scott Boyce, called it a gray area, and questioned if it crossed the line on campaign laws.    A Richland resident named Melvin Adams has reportedly sent a letter to the State Attorney General's office condemning the giveaway.  However,   such matters are up to the Federal Election Commission, and NOT the Attorney General.

Adams claims it's a bribes for votes plan,  completely missing the fact that similar campaigns have been legally waged across the country, and it's nothing even close to some of the chicanery that's been attempted by progressive and liberal candidates over the years.

Didier has been endorsed by the National Association for Gun Rights. After meeting with officials of the National Rifle Association (NRA), he was told they don't endorse primary candidates, only those on the November ballot.

Perhaps some of the criticism comes from candidates who wish they'd "thought" of it,  and it clearly shows Didier is a person who doesn't back down or change his tune about his Constitutional beliefs just because he thinks it might make him more "mainstream" and popular, or perhaps gain votes.

You have to admire a political candidate who is willing to "stick to their guns."