Former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna says we need a constitutional amendment to do away with a recent Supreme Court ruling.

The state Supreme Court upheld 8-1 a decision to allow governors, including current governor Jay Inslee, the right to continue to claim "executive privilege" and withhold information about their administration from the public!

While candidates Inslee and McKenna pledged last fall they would not exercise that right if elected, many critics say it's a dangerous precedent. The Washington Policy Center, a powerful conservative think tank, said the decision creates a "Nixonian" situation where a leader could "hide" information the public needs to know.

Both Inslee's predecessors in Olympia, Chris Gregoire and Gary Locke, used the executive privilege to withhold sensitive information from the public and media. Former AG McKenna says we need a state constitutional amendment to get rid of this policy, and GOP Senator Pam Roach of Auburn plans to introduce such an amendment when the legislature convenes for the 2014 session.