Gov. Jay Inslee's support for renewable energy will be on display Aug. 22 as he dedicates the new headquarters of OutBack Power Corporation in Arlington, Washington as the company expands and plans to add 20 new jobs.

OutBack is part of the Alpha Group of companies that manufacture electronic components and applications related to solar and other renewable energies. That new plant employs 70 people.

He still objects to the two coal terminal proposals for Whatcom and Cowlitz counties that would potentially add hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of jobs.

Inslee released this statement about the OutBack Power expansion:

 It’s exciting to see companies such as Outback Power creating jobs today, while also preparing the next generation of workers with skills needed to master energy storage and other technologies tied to an increasingly smarter electricity grid.”

OutBack company officials praised the extensive support from the governor, the Washington State Department of Commerce, and other support initiatives for helping make the expansion possible. There was no mention if the company received any government funding.

Inslee's position is a complete reversal to the increasing environmental and permit requirements being heaped upon the two coal terminal projects.

Recently announced hurdles by the state had the Longview Daily News wondering if those large projects will ever be undertaken.

It appears Inslee has one stance towards Boeing, and what he views as environmentally-friendly projects, but if the company or business disagrees with his personal views the state throws up hurdles and obstacles.