Apparently Gov. Inslee isn't satisfied with just dragging Washington state into the clutches of environmentalists - regardless of economic impact.  Now his sights are set on Asia, and Microsoft's Bill Gates is at least along for part of the ride.

Tuesday, Inslee announced Gates has been confirmed as a guest speaker at the upcoming Board Forum for Asia (BFOA) Conference in Seattle in September.

The BFOA Seattle Conference has been organized by the Washington State China Relations Council, the US-China Clean Energy Forum and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. What's the purpose of the conference?  With China holding a huge portion of the growing world economy, and with a large part of Washington state's economy directly tied to trade and dealings with China and Asia, it's about economic growth in part.   But it's actually beyond that.  From Inslee's press release:

"The three-day conference will bring together leaders from across the public and private sector to explore how innovation can help solve global challenges related to climate change, energy, urbanization and health, and the growing importance of the Asia Pacific region in creating solutions."

The release went on to say:

“Asia has become the most dynamic region in the world, but for China and many other countries, a major challenge now is how to link economic development with environmental sustainability and health,” said Kristi Heim, executive director of the Washington State China Relations Council. “This conference aims to bring some of the best minds together to exchange ideas and find new solutions.”  (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

This may sound very "positive" but anyone who's been following the news with any sort of regularity has known for several years the Chinese (and some other Asian nations) are not worried about environmental standards, especially not at the cost to their economy.  Anyone who's been following the green policy movement knows those highlighted words above are "code" for restricting economic growth and development (and jobs) for the sake of the environment.

A number of news sources on the internet, as well as studies, show that while Chinese leaders are aware of growing pollution tied to their economic explosion, they're definitely NOT going to sacrifice their economy for the sake of the environment.

While they are pursuing solar and other alternative energy projects,  many Chinese leaders are not going to do it at the expense of the economy -  unlike what Obama has tried to do with the Stimulus and the hundreds of failed green energy companies. Gov. Inslee is prepared to raise gas prices at least $1.00 with his low-carbon fuel standard.

The bottom line is,  Chinese leaders and delegates will attend this conference, and probably agree with ideas about sustainable development (to a degree) and finding ways to curb pollution.  But when it comes to the bottom line, they won't allow "green policy" to stifle or even slow down their growth.

Gov. Inslee may think he can force his "green" policies onto the citizens of his state, in his desire to become the "greenest" governor in America.  But it may very well be an entirely different result when he tries to push his ideas onto foreign leaders.  Especially if they won't compromise their economies and jobs to do so.