He supports the fast-food workers strike, but not their outrageous demands.

Rather than infuriate the vast number of working Washintonians who view the demands of the striking retail and fast-food workers as rediculous, Gov. Inslee is taking neutral ground.

The Seattle Times political blog reports Inslee supports the workers and says their strike calls attention to workers' needs, but he also is not supportive of their demands that retail, fast-food and other entry-level workers be paid what highly-trained and college-educated workers get.

According to the Times, Inslee put the following message on Twitter about the actions of the strikers on Thursday:

 (Their actions) bring needed focus to hard working people struggling to share in Washington’s prosperity.”

An Inslee spokesperson said he is more focused on the issue of having a living wage that is worth having.

All this despite the fact that Washington already has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $9.19, and it has an inflationary cost-of-living clause built in that annually adjusts.