While numerous business and economic leaders are warning of the negative effects it will have on the economy,   political leaders are applauding.

Following President Obama's revised standards to lowering carbon emissions by significantly larger amounts than originally planned by 2020 and 2030,   Gov. Inslee released the following statement, which contained in part:

“I applaud President Barack Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for taking this critical step in setting the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants. Today’s announcement is a vital component of the President’s Climate Action Plan, and represents bold federal action needed immediately to address this challenge. Washington state and the Pacific Coast are moving forward on climate action, and our work will be much more effective with committed federal allies."

Although Washington and most Western states don't depend upon coal,   between Obama's new agenda and the support of Western governors like Inslee, and Kitzhaber in Oregon, you can pretty much kiss the coal industry goodbye in America.   Experts have said shutting down and limiting coal plants will probably cause at 40% increase in electrical rates for many areas of the country.  It will create a ripple effect on the rest of the economy.   Inslee appears to be poised to recreate Obama's failed Green Economy from the stimulus as he mentions millions (if not billions) being dumped into "green energy."  He didn't miss the chance to thump himself on the chest over his previously "secret" environmental agenda:

“Recently I signed an executive order that establishes a process for finding the best tools to reduce carbon pollution in Washington, in accordance with emission limits set in state law. My executive order also calls for an end to the importation of coal power generated in other states and for the development of policies that drive energy savings for businesses, renewable deployment for economic growth, and more. This EPA carbon pollution standard will greatly assist our state along this path."

This is the same Executive Order that if he is successful, will implement low-carbon fuel standards that will jack up gas prices at least $1.00 to $1.17 a gallon.    Meanwhile, embattled Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber also chimed in.   Maybe he's hoping all the hubub over these controversial environmental standards will make people forget about the complete failure of the Oregon Healthcare Exchange, a $240-million-dollar bust that has sparked an FBI criminal investigation:

“President Obama and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy are to be congratulated for accelerating a national response to the costs and risks of climate change,” said Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.  “These standards will protect the health of citizens across the country while supporting our growing renewable energy economy on the West Coast."

Perhaps Kitzhaber should be more worried about the FBI finding fraud and corruption in the Cover Oregon process...he can wax poetic about climate change, but cannot and will not answer why the former director of Cover Oregon is still being paid $14k a month, after having resigned.

   We predict a repeat of what happened with Solyndra and other green energy frauds that collapsed 1-3 years ago, to happen here.  Inslee will find a way to dump hundreds of millions into green energy - only to watch it fail and further damage our already not-so-healthy economy.