According to ShiftWA: "This is how your Inslee administration public officials spend their time – soliciting political funding while you pay their salaries."

The issue in question dates back to the fall of 2012, when government officials, environmental groups and political "donors" gathered at the Skamania III Environmental Conference to discuss their "plans" for public policy in the coming year.  These groups are also believed to be largely responsible for the Governors of WA, OR, CA and the Premiere of British Columbia signing the Pacific Coast environmental agreement that would (if fully implemented) have devastating effects on the coastal economy.

Government officials from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia were there (including officials from Inslee's Administration) to present their ideas for green policies and plans to such groups as Washington Conservation Voters and Climate Solutions.

Never heard of them?  Probably not.  But they're among the many shadowy, well-funded groups whose only purpose is to put green energy and the environment ahead of every other aspect of government - including the economy.

According to documents and information uncovered by ShiftWA,   these same government officials whose salaries are paid by TAXPAYERS,  told these environmental groups how they could be "useful" in donating money for political agenda purposes.  According to one of the paragraphs in the conference's section on carbon pricing (Inslee's plan to institute low-carbon fuels that will shockingly raise prices):

"Additional funding could advance carbon pricing by:
Funding a coordinated professional advocacy campaign in Washington and Oregon that includes market research, coalition building, and a more extensive legislative and referendum strategy that can be pursued with current support. The campaign could draw on recent successful initiatives (e.g., same sex marriage in Washington).”

(Bold lettering added for emphasis).

ShiftWA explains further:

"After Democrats drove their base to the polls in 2012 with marijuana and gay marriage initiatives, they want to try the same strategy again with an environmental referendum, and they want the private political groups who attended the Skamania conference to fund it."

(Bold lettering added for emphasis).

So basically,  government officials who are supposed to represent the will and ideas of the people, are actually using their taxpayer funded positions to lobby private groups for money;  funds that will be used to further agendas from the Democrats and progressives who are increasingly controlling the policies of this state.

Prior to the digging and investigating by ShiftWA,  we weren't hearing about these sordid activities being conducted on our dime.  ShiftWA is a group dedicated to exposing, and shifting, the liberal and progressive bias that has dominated Washington state politics for a number of decades.